Rosettes can be supplied with a plain white card centre for your own embellishments or pre-printed with standard greetings, titles or numbers. Customized options are available to suit your event adding logos or text. The digital print process makes small runs easy and cost effective. We make 4 sizes:

  • Large Single Rosette: Stylish and simple satin Rosette approx. 100 mm across with 2 tails, supplied with a brass pin, with tails in either the same or contrasting colours or without tails to use as a corsage with a wrist strap or button hole with a pin. It has a 62mm centre.
  • Small Single Rosette: is also available for schools or clubs that want a cost effective option, it has a 52mm centre.
  • Double Rosette: Eye catching double satin rosette approx. 130 mm across with 3 tails and brass pin. Combinations of colours can enable a theme or logo to be emphasised with a plain or fully customisable digitally printed 62 mm centre.
  • Triple Rosettes: These are the ultimate prize rosette, approx. 160 mm across with 3 layers of colour and 3 tails, a 62 mm wide centre and a brass pin to secure.

Beautiful colour combinations can be achieved for fun or to highlight a logo or campaign for corporates, schools, special interest clubs and political parties. Fantastic for a special gift to commemorate a hobby or significant life event or person they say ‘Supreme Champion’.

Rosettes can also be supplied without tails or fitted as an armband – ideal for race officials or equestrian competitors

Triple Rosette with full colour custom printed centre

Single rosettes with printed tails and full colour centres

Bulk orders welcome 1- 500

Coordinated Tartan Single, Double and Triple Rosettes for Show

Double and Triple Rosette awards

Mixed single rosette incentive awards

Welcome Rosettes for Hosts

Standard colours 1st - 3rd with classified change out text for each one


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